To my fellow citizens,

While I am proud to call Colonial Beach my home, proud to operate a business here, and humbled to have been elected Mayor, my biggest joy in life is sharing the moments we sometimes take for granted living in our lovely, eclectic river shore town.

So, I thought I would share the following with you.

A good friend of mine emailed me last week; he’s been all around the world, lives a comfortable life,  has a close family and a works hard at a great career.  He and his family had visited Colonial Beach for a weekend.  They arrived by boat on Friday afternoon and planned on staying through Sunday morning.

In his words, here is his impression of our town and our residents:

“We docked on Friday and, I couldn’t believe it, but the golf cart we arranged to rent for the weekend was sitting in the marina’s parking area – the owner had arranged for it to be there all gassed up and ready for our family adventure.

After a world-class dinner, we watched the sunset over Monroe Bay while my 16-year old son caught a fish, and my wife fell in love with two swans taking care of their babies. 

On Saturday, we spent the day riding around in our golf cart and waving.  Yes, everyone waved at us.  My daughter became an expert at identifying the different styles of waves and still laughs about it.

Saturday night we found a family-friendly beachfront restaurant with one of the best tribute bands playing that I’ve ever heard.  We all danced in the sand under the stars.

Sunday morning, we hated to leave. The wind was gentle over the water and the peace the water shared was easy and endless.  We found an awesome breakfast place that reminded me of growing up, great food, great service, a bit cramped, and a sprinkling of local gossip.

So, I get it, my friend.   I get it why you choose to live there.  I get it why you opened a business there.  I get it why you are so committed to public service there. 

We will be back, as a family, and we’ll stay longer this time. 

Keep up the good work, my friend, and watch a sunset or two for us!”

Our town is built on the hard work of our residents and our volunteers. And my job, as Mayor, is to make sure each day we move a little bit forward and we continue to find our way, together, toward reaching that North Star – to continuing to make our little town, Colonial Beach, a home that we can proudly share with our family, friends and visitors.

Enjoy each day!

Eddie Blunt, Mayor