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Preparation Pays Off for Colonial Beach's Wastewater Treatment Plant

Town actively working to address stormwater, inflow and infiltration issues.

In the days following Hurricane Ida, Town of Colonial Beach (CBVA) Mayor Robin Schick toured the town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to review procedures and capacity during severe weather events.

Hurricane Ida presented such a threat to Virginia–including tornadoes and flooding–that Governor Ralph Northam preemptively declared a State of Emergency, initiating preparations in response to the storm’s potential impacts. The storm caused flash floods in some parts of Virginia, but CBVA was spared the damage that violent gusts of 70-75 mph wind and hail caused  during an intense storm that pounded the town in 2017.

Mayor Schick credits Curtis Coleman, Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor, the WWTP team, and the entire Public Works crew for their preparation.

“I’m proud to say everything ran smoothly through the storm. Those guys got it done,” lauds Schick.

Plant operations have made major changes in shift extension, tank cleaning, maintenance, and preparations for storms, to address the aged infrastructure present in many waterfront locales

“We are looking forward to making some major upgrades with the help of American Rescue Plan Act funds, including pipe replacement for Colonial Avenue drainage, tank upgrades and finally, comprehensive stormwater planning!” exclaims Mayor Schick. “Treating rainwater makes the treatment plant less efficient, takes up capacity, requires greater treatment products and can cause harm to our environment. The sewer system works by way of natural bacteria and stormwater dilutes their habitat and the health of these microorganisms, which thrive doing what we need them to do: clean sludge not rainwater.”

For managing residents’ stormwater plan, see the Rain Garden Guide, a DIY project that is both beautiful and beneficial to CBVA’s ecosystem, on the Town website https://colonialbeachva.net/documents/rain-gardens produced by this summer’s interns.

Town of Colonial Beach Refinances Bonds, Saves Over $265,000

Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (VLCF) Grant Awarded to Town of Colonial Beach, Preserving Land Along Potomac River

Conservation easement to protect green space in Eleanor Park

Eleanor ParkThe Department of Conservation and Recreation has announced $7.5 million in Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (VLCF) grants, which will fund 30 conservation projects and protect 8,000 acres of land across the Commonwealth. The grant selection process incorporates ConserveVirginia, the commonwealth’s innovative land conservation strategy that is based on “smart map” technology. The VLCF Board of Trustees has approved a grant award to the Town of Colonial Beach in the amount of $387,416 to protect Eleanor Park.

The Eleanor Park property is green space that boasts mature hardwood trees and is adjacenct to the Potomac River. The parcel has significant historic, environmental, recreational, and scenic value to the Town and the Point neighborhood. Originally deeded as a park by Henry Kintz in 1882, this conservation effort honors the land use as originally intended.

This initiative, which has been under consideration and discussed for several years, benefits town residents, visitors, and wildlife. The Park already contains several large trees that osprey, eagles, and other birds call home. Additional plantings and vegetation will increase the coastal resilience, floodplain management, and overall environmental value of the space. The Park will remain open to the public year-round, with monetization of the space being explored. One opportunity includes the construction of a gazebo or small stage that can be rented out for special events.

“These awarded projects demonstrate significant progress toward achieving the Commonwealth’s land conservation goals,” said Department of Conservation and Recreation Director Clyde E. Cristman.

To accept the grant funding, which is the largest grant award the Town has received in the past five years, Town Council would need to vote to accept the grant award and execute a deed to preserve Eleanor Park as public open space in perpetuity. The execution of this project is timely because it is critical for localities, and particularly smaller localities, to consider undertaking land conservation efforts in concert with major development projects and sales of public land.

Private land trusts, local governments and state agencies use VLCF grant funds to acquire and protect significant lands in the following categories: farmland, forestry, historic resources, natural areas, and parks and open space. Additional information about the grant and an opportunity for public input is forthcoming and will be announced in the near future.


Coastal Storm Update, State of Emergency in Town of Colonial Beach, Virginia

coastal storm
Photo: Bobby Hooker, Hooker Studio

Due to the coastal storm on Friday, October 29, 2021, Town Manager India Adams- Jacobs, as Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Colonial Beach, declared the existence of an emergency (see the attached Declaration.) Town officials and staff are collaborating with Westmoreland County Emergency Services and Virginia Department of Transportation to enact all possible safety measures. Despite major flooding of the Potomac River and Monroe Bay, there was only one call for service from Colonial Beach Vol. Fire Squad for a related electrical fire and no loss of life.

Public Utilities, Public Streets and Associated Right-of-Ways

Access to storm-damaged areas that impact Public Utilities, Public Streets and associated Right-of-Ways, may be restricted to emergency and recovery personnel and associated vehicles until such time as deemed safe. Pre-authorized contractors, if retained by the Town for right-of-way recovery services, will be permitted restricted access to the area(s) as coordinated with the Town of Colonial Beach Public Works Department. Private property contractors will be allowed in the area(s) as restrictions are lifted.

Debris Clean-Up

Please stay off the boardwalk and other places where public works cleanup is underway.

Post-storm cleanup efforts include the placement of dumpsters for public debris drop off. Dumpsters are for debris ONLY. Do not bring household trash for dumping. Debris drop off is available Saturday, October 30 starting at 3 pm until Wednesday, November 3 at 5 pm. Drop off locations are Wilder Ave Parking Lot, Castlewood Park parking lot, and Irving Ave Range Station.

On Sunday, October 31, in collaboration with Dahlgren Naval base, approximately 20 naval base personnel will be assisting town staff along the beach and some public right of ways, so please be careful of pedestrians along the sides of the roads participating in cleanup efforts.

In addition, Town of Colonial Beach Public Works crews will be conducting a double route trash pickup on Monday, November 1 for residents whose regular trash route is Monday and Tuesday, due to the Election Day holiday on Tuesday, November 2. Regular trash pickup will resume on Wednesday, November 3. 

Stay Informed

We will continue to keep you informed every step of the way. Residents are urged to check for updates frequently on the Town’s website, www.colonialbeachva.net, or the Town’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TownofCBVA.

Informational messages and emergency communications are sent to citizens via Code Red telephone messaging service, email service, text messaging service and/or TDD service. Sign up for Code Red alerts on the Town’s website, www.colonialbeachva.net.

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