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24/01/2019 3:17 pm  

Why did you change the way department heads report at the meetings?  I always felt that Val F. stifled her department heads when she did not allow them to speak. After she left, the department heads starting giving their own reports. Not only were they informative, but they showed  the intelligence of each person, and gave us confidence in their abilities. When you stifle your employees, you also give the impression that you are hiding something. Open and honest government  will go along way in building trust with town members. No one can speak of their departments better then each head. They are there anyway, so let them speak. Thank You.

Maggie Lane
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08/02/2019 10:35 am  

Thank you for using our forum.  Its designed to specifically address topics such as yours and I will share with you councils intent behind the change in format.


Rationale: Council felt that our department reports initiated last year were precise and accurate but too detailed for the meetings.  Council desires that department reports highlight major updates to significant “muscle movements” designed to give operational insight to what the town staff is primarily focused on.  This view allows for council to ensure that our work efforts are aligned with their vision.  The granularity of before became extraneous in meetings and began overshadowing the agenda items.  Additionally, the department reports were absorbing too much time leaving little time for council to conduct important “resolution/ordinance” based activities.  Council also felt that the department reports should be given by the town manager and that the department heads should be present to answer specific questions regarding topics only at request of council.  This rationale is to regain fluidity of the meetings and to prevent council over-involvement into staff operations.


In small municipal government Councils are designed to set policy and staff is and should be autonomous when  executing the policy set forth by council.  In order to supplement the flow of information, our town council has introduced “council liaisons” to where each council member is assigned a department so that a council representative can understand the departments interworking’s and then relay back to council any prudent information. 


I hope this explanation helps and I’m glad you chose to use the forum for your question(s).  I hope that more citizens reach out so I can provide real answers to honest questions.  I too believe in transparency and it my intent that this forum provides an area of open dialog.

Thanks again,


Quinn Robertson


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